Candlebox Offers ‘Special Insight’ Into the Band in ‘Supernova’ Video

October 14, 2016

As 2016 winds down, Candlebox is wrapping up the year with a small West Coast tour. It has spent considerable time on the road in America this year and will head overseas in 2017 to tour Europe in the spring and “hopefully” Australia and South America in the summer, according to singer/songwriter Kevin Martin. No wonder then that the video for the band’s new single, “Supernova,” from its latest album, Disappearing in Airports, is dedicated to capturing Candlebox onstage.

“We wanted a video that represents us, who we are, what we’re like on and off the road,” says Martin. “This video gives the viewer a special insight into Candlebox and the personalities of each member, but it also shows just how special our bond is with our music and how much we love playing live.”

Martin says that “Supernova” is about “that moment when you get absolutely blown away by a lover. When there’s no turning back; you know you’re totally blown away. It’s provocative and personal and written from my own experience just like the other songs on the album. I’ve only ever been able to write about what I know — my experiences, good or bad, I’ve written about them.”

Watch the video for “Supernova” here: