Pavement Signs Future Leaders Of The World

April 30, 2014

New Orleans, LA based alternative/post-grunge/rock group Future Leaders of the World (F.L.O.W.) are back and have just inked a deal with Pavement Entertainment.  The new forthcoming full-length “Reveal” will be released on March 10, 2015 and continues right where the band left off with their 2004 Epic Records debut “LVL IV”.

Formed in 2002 by guitarist and singer Phil Taylor, F.L.O.W. gained the attention of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, comparing Taylor’s vocals to a “modern day Kurt Cobain.” The debut album reached No. 153 on the Billboard 200 on the strength of the US hit singles “Let Me Out” and “Everyday”.  The band went on hiatus and focused their attention on another project called Machina. Future Leaders of the World reformed in 2012 and started touring once again under that moniker.  The massive response by old and new fans alike prompted Phil and guitarist Ian Severson to write and record new material. The new album “Reveal” features both Phil and Ian at their finest. A full touring cycle will follow the release of the new album.