9Electric Releases Megalith and Music Video The Light

August 4, 2018
LA hard rock band 9Electric releases Megalith, their new album out now via Pavement Entertainment. Megalith features 12 tracks that are available to buy or stream on iTunesSpotify, and Amazon.


Check out the music video “The Light,” featuring Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies.

“The Light” showcases 9Electric and Carla playing on a stylized city rooftop that looks straight out of a comic book. The music video is the brainchild of frontman Ron Underwood, who filmed and directed from start to finish. “The actual video shoot for ‘The Light’ was a piece of cake,” Underwood explains. “I shot each person individually in front of a green screen in a garage with a couple of lights.”


All hands were on deck while filming “The Light.” Guitarist Mikey Lopez assisted Harvey in particular. “Working with Carla was so much fun… I stood off to the side as she did all of her takes and hit play and stop on the playback music. You know, the glamorous, behind-the-scenes Hollywood stuff!” he shares with a laugh. He goes on to say, “Just like in the recording studio tracking her vocals, Carla completely rocked it and was a total pro.”


The challenges came during the editing process, but Underwood was ready to rise up to the occasion. “It was my first time using Element 3D, but I knew exactly what I was going for, and could see it in my head,” says Underwood. “I don’t think anybody – myself included – thought it would turn out as slick as it did! The trick was stylizing each scene so technical limitations wouldn’t jeopardize the blurred line between live action and the pseudo-realistic cartoon universe.”


Lopez adds, “The finished product is incredible, and I couldn’t be more proud of the job Ron did on the video.”