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New Dilemma

Today, we are thrilled to announce the triumphant return of New Dilemma, now under the wing of Pavement Entertainment as their record label. With a fresh lineup and a renewed sense of purpose, the band is set to make a powerful comeback.

New Dilemma is more than just a band; they are purveyors of deep and meaningful lyrics that resonate with people on a profound level. Their music embodies the modern metalcore genre, characterized by powerful guitars, shredding leads, massive drums, and catchy hooks that captivate audiences from the very first note.

At the core of New Dilemma’s philosophy is the theme of transformation, a journey from darkness to light that never fails to inspire hope. The band has taken a proactive stance on advocating for mental health awareness and empowering individuals to overcome personal demons, such as addiction. Their message is one of resilience, strength, and redemption, reflecting the struggles they have overcome themselves.

The new lineup features the incredible talents of:

  • Joey Factor – vocals
  • Zack Robin – guitar
  • Shaun Kimmerling – drums
  • Roach Rose – bass

Stay tuned for New Dilemma’s upcoming tour dates and album release, as they are set to reignite the passion of their dedicated fan base and win over new listeners with their inspiring music.


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