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Dog’N’Style is a hybrid, designed with a powerful, energetic metal stvle & catchy melodies. Enriched with various influences. the band created an impactful & effective sound. cut for the stage.

For 10 years of existence, Dog’N’Style have perform more than 250 shows all across Burope. The band’s many tours enabled it to play in the four corners of the old conti-nent: Russia, England, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Belgium. Luxembourg & France.

The band shared the stave with many artists such as Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Nashville Pussv. Animals as Leader. Mass Hvsteria. No One Innocent. The Ca sualties. Kadavar. Tagada Jones. Ultra Vomit. Agme. Punish Yourself. The Cluzo Ins.
pector. Black Bomb A. Bukowski. Mat Bastard. Bimer Beat Food. The Sales MaiesThundermother. Sidilarsen. Stickv Bovs or Burning Heads
Dog’N’ Style released a first EP in january 2015, welcomed by the public and the crities. The band lock themselves in again at Boss Hog Studio in April 2016 to record its first album “Pub’s Calling’. This second recording was released on September 9th 2016 and distributed in France and abroad by Season of Mist.

After two intense years on the road, Dog’n’Style had the opportunity to meet RudyLenners. former drummer of Scorpions, who decided to produce the band’s thirdalbum *Only Stronger’, recorded in Belgium at the Noise Factory Studio and released on October 2010

The third album “Take it or Leave it’ is a turning point in the history of Dog’N’Style.With a darker sound, a bittersweet artistic universe and raw emotions, this recording answers questions such as: “What happens if my intrusive thoughts prevail? What wilI become when the host that haunts me take possession of me? How should I reactwhen I figure out that this awful ghost has the same face as me?

This disturbng portrait. this brutal honestv and this album are intense & emotional.

Take it Or Leave It
Release in 2023.
Recorded and mixed at FH Studio by Simon Mulles
Mastered bv Joël Wanasek


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