PAVEMENT / Thrower


Thrower is a loud and energetic band hailing from the diverse music scenes of both Baton Rouge LA, and Houston TX. Mixing various elements of Hard Rock, Grunge, Metal, and other genres, Thrower creates an exciting, gritty sound.

Founded by Isaac Thrower (vocals) and Cole Stratulate (lead guitar), the band’s synergetic lineup is completed by Clay Didway (bass), Jake Douglass (drums), and August Galliano (rhythm guitar). Their sound has the bold energy of the 90s, with the timeless and classic vibes of the 70s; yet infused is a fresh and contemporary soul that resonates with today’s audience.

The expressive, dark, and persevering lyrics combined with the heavy riffs and booming rhythms create an enthralling listening experience that speaks to the audience. With other like-minded bands and individuals out of both scenes, Thrower is part of a new young generation of bands creating and redefining rock. Playing with both sides of the “Mellon Collie” and driving aspects of the sound their debut album, Blink (Produced by Bobby Amaru of Saliva), is eagerly anticipated and set to come out on April 26, 2024.

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