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The Great Alone

The universe of The Great Alone, at the crossroads of alternative rock, skillfully evokes the paradox between grounding in reality and tipping into the realm of imagination. Formed around the founding members Murielle and Vincent, the band stands out with a harmonious fusion of powerful and delicate melodies, unveiling a profound exploration of emotions and self-perception through its music and lyrics.

Carried by a classic rock instrumental base, including guitar, bass, and drums, The Great Alone ventures into different sonic landscapes by incorporating electronic soundscapes and choruses, thus creating rich atmospheres. Influenced by various genres such as rock, pop, metal, and even the mystical tones of Nordic artists, their music provides an auditory experience that is both accessible and intriguing.

January 26, 2024, marks a pivotal moment in the band’s history with the release of their debut album, Perception. The culmination of several years of dedicated work, the album is the result of the creative collaboration between Murielle, Vincent, and other talented musicians brought together for recording and stage refinement.

The band recently entered into an Artist Partnership agreement with the American label Pavement Entertainment, which boasts artists like Puddle of Mudd and Powerman 5000 among its ranks.

In March 2024, The Great Alone is gearing up to hit the road across the United States, serving as the opening act alongside Powerman 5000 and September Mourning. A tour promising to immerse the audience in the enchanting and energetic universe of The Great Alone.

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