PAVEMENT / The Great Alone

The Great Alone

During the summer of 2018, a discussion between Vinc’ and Murielle prompted the desire to start a rock project, called “The Great Alone”, which quickly took shape when Vinc’ composed the first songs and Murielle the vocals.

In spring 2019, disposing of several compositions, Vinc’ and Murielle contacted experienced musician friends to complete the band.

In August 2021, the band recorded its debut album “Perception”.

The Great Alone distinguishes itself by its unique musical and vocal identity, which can be placed inside the alternative rock genre.

The music is powerful and delicate at the same time, thus embodying the paradox between anchoring oneself in reality and being thrown into the imaginary. The lyrics represent our perception of ourselves and others, as well as our emotions.

Based on a typical rock formation (guitar, bass, drums), the band incorporates different atmospheres with layers of electronic sounds and choirs.

The influences are vast and varied, both musically and vocally, ranging from movie soundtracks to rock, pop, metal, including the mystical sounds of certain Nordic artists.

Thus making The Great Alone accessible and intriguing.

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