SURGE was formed when vocalist Kät Jacksin entered a rehearsal studio to post a hand-written flyer that read…”Rock Singer Looking For Musicians.”

The receptionist directed Kät to a room down the hall where guitarist Dan Martini and bassist Erikk Lee met on Saturdays to kick out some jams and drink a lot of beer! After listening to the duo play a few songs from the hallway, Jacksin opened the door and asked “you guys need a singer?” Drummer Guss Locke was added a week later after being recruited from a local cover band.

From the moment these rockers threw down their first power chords as a band, they knew they had just tapped into something incredible!!! Since then, the band hasn’t stopped performing on stages big and small, while also sharing the stage with some notable national acts along the way!

The band’s unique “modern-classic” hard rock sound and edgy style has been a hit with concert goers and their high energy stage show never let’s the audience forget what rock ‘n roll is really all about!!!

SURGE has recently signed with Pavement Entertainment, and is currently wrapping up production on their the full-length album coming later this year.

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