PAVEMENT / Chokesetter


Chokesetter started with a few old friends and longtime veterans from the local music scene in Northwest Indiana. Having played in notable separate bands for years, they forged a path together that would form a hard hitting sound of crunchy riffs, heavy blues and swing-style grooves. Chokesetter combines several musical influences and passionately grind their wheelhouse in authentic feel good rock-n-roll and stoner rock riffs. They stand out by being well seasoned and experienced in playing live to any kind of audience, and making new fans wherever they play in any variation of lineup. All of the guys in the band would honestly say that they will never give up on their love for purely rocking out and working hard to manifest their long time dream of being on the big stage… with the understanding that being in this band is a passion, privilege, relationship, business, commitment and a long ride with all the ups and downs and that no matter what, Chokesetter is in it to win it.

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