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Black Rose Rebellion

The Black Rose signifies a rebirth, major change, hope, and optimism. Black Rose Rebellion is a Modern  Hard Rock Band whose members bring strength and power drawn from unique personal experiences. In June 2022, after frontwoman Trybe and lead guitarist/ co-write Dave the RockDoc, who were complete strangers at the time, were ready to scrap the dream of music altogether, a mutual friend introduced them- all worlds apart- and the rebirth began.  Hailing from the northern and southern halves of New Jersey, USA, Black Rose Rebellion has fostered a sound drawing from the inspirations of many decades and genres, and a brand that the band hopes will encourage others to believe in themselves and what they stand for as individuals.

Lead guitarist Dave “The RockDoc” Rosenfeld has been a musician his entire life in addition to building a successful and decorated career as one of New Jersey’s top Dental Practices. His wife Karen, having been inspired by her husband’s ambition and love of music, formed Black Rose Rebellion alongside her husband, as a teammate and drummer.

Trybe grew up in music as well, learning piano and clarinet so as not to follow in her family member’s footsteps of guitar and drums. After a rough transition following a brief 13 year stint in the United States Army serving in the JAG Corps, Operation Enduring Freedom, Civil Affairs, and lastly as a Drill Sergeant, Trybe found music again as a source of purpose and inspiration. A self- taught vocalist, it has always been her strength and passion as her chosen instrument, eventually forming the powerhouse identity of the Black Rose Rebellion brand.

Black Rose Rebellion came out the gate strong, playing some of New Jersey’s most prestigious venues, and directly supporting artists such as Sponge, Spread Eagle, and many other up-and-coming national acts. They are set to release their debut album in the near future and continue to build The Rebel Army. Join the rebellion, and hail the Rebel Queen!



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