PAVEMENT / Zeistencroix


Zeistencroix’s a post industrial  band from Los Angeles, California. The band was founded by Orlando Draven (Vocals and songwriter) and is accompanied by Santi (Drums) and AKO (Guitars). 

Their powerful sound is a blend of metal, industrial, progressive, alternative and goth making their songs fluctuate from heavy music to ethereal cyberpunk vibes guided by Orlando’s throat singing, heavy screaming and harmonious melodies. 

In 2017 they released their EP titled “Gemini” under the production of Tim Palmer and Bill Metoyer giving a yin yang feel to the album and experimenting with the blend of two different styles in one record cutting the singles “Saturated” and “I Need You Tonight” with respectives videos and press articles on Revolver Magazine and The Huffington Post.

Their first full album ​​”Gen Z” was presented in the middle of 2019 followed by a European tour in the fall of that year . Their US Tour was scheduled for Spring 2020 but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, after the lockdown was finished, the band toured the US with “Undead States Of America 2021 Tour”. 

Currently the band is in the process of finishing up the work on their new EP coming in 2022 The promo single titled “We’re Already Dead” was recorded at Stygian Sound and produced by Tim Palmer, while getting ready for a Spring Tour in March.


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