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The OddEven

The Story:

Weed learned at an early age that he was adopted.  In June 2019, he decided to find out where he was from and thought Ancestry DNA might be a good place to start…  but after 3 submissions of saliva and multiple test results that said “cannot get accurate DNA read”, he gave up trying to figure out his human heritage.  Weed came to grips with the fact that he might not be from planet Earth, so he decided it made perfect sense to join musical forces with E.T. (another alien), and the nucleus of The OddEven was formed.  The band was rounded out with other seasoned touring musicians that summer including superstar Robb Wise on vocals.  They quickly began writing new material while simultaneously booking opening slot road dates with well-known bands, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, Soulfly, Last In Line (Dio) and Nonpoint in VA, GA, and LA respectively.  The OddEven also played headlining shows in FL and MS and closed out 2019 with showcases in Philadelphia and NYC.  2020 was spent writing and recording music as shows were cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic.  After going through 7 human drummers since the band’s inception, The OddEven went back to the alien well, and found Kyle Powell to solidify the rhythm section in early 2021.

The OddEven’s music can be described as riff-oriented hard rock, with infectious vocals and harmony.  The late 90s / early 00s came calling and the band answered the phone.

The first record, “Space Juice” arrived on Earth on 4.20.20.  It spawned two singles “Again” and “Bleed for Something” which each cracked Billboard’s Mainstream Rock top 30 and Foundations top 15 charts.  In January 2021, the band started recording “Space Dust” and have a release date targeted for 6.15.21.  Touring will commence whenever the world gets back to “normal”.  Stay tuned!


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