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The Million Reasons

Founded in 2016, Chicago quintet The Million Reasons creates music that aims to embody the energy and enthusiasm of hitting the open road, rolling down the windows, and cranking up the volume. The band has been dedicated to two main objectives: keep rock n’ roll alive and having a damn good time while doing so.

In February 2017, the band released their debut EP “The Runaround”, featuring six songs fusing classic rock influences, pop sensibilities, melodic guitars and soaring vocals. The EP quickly garnered local and national music media attention which prompted them to build a loyal and diehard local and regional fanbase.

The band followed up their debut EP with a string of singles to further drive their momentous, atmospheric rock anthems to the masses and demonstrate the versatility of their vision.

The Million Reasons continued to play their hearts out to a dedicated regional fan base, gaining new followers everywhere they went.

Months of frenzied songwriting, the band recently completed work on a brand new EP which quickly gained the attention of Pavement Entertainment. The group was quickly snatched up and are preparing for their Pavement debut coming soon!!!

“Very few artists today topping the mainstream Rock charts really know how to truly ROCK OUT. I mean ROCK OUT the way Zeppelin, Hendrix, and INXS did in the days of true Rock…One such band that continues to rock out and show the real deal of Rock is The Million Reasons.”
– Lakisha Skinner “Klef Notes”

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