PAVEMENT / Texas Taliban

Texas Taliban

Texas Taliban is a five-piece metal band from the sun city, El Paso, TX. They pride themselves in being the “Texas Thrash Kings.” Their sound is comparable to a heavy, hardcore groove version of thrash, a Chimera/Hatebreed meets Pantera energy.

Texas Taliban is made up of local super group of musicians, with some of the best in the El Paso metal scene.

The band consists of:

Vocals – Chris Kidwell (Not My Master)

Lead Guitar – Erich King (Cat As Trophy, D3ATH H3X and Baal)

Drums – Ramsey Speed (Cowboys from Hell Paso, Beneath The Chaos, Brother Strange, Hobos)

Guitar – Hexx Lee (Cat As Trophy)

Bass – Crystal Lopez (Cat As Trophy, Extremity, Phantom Flesh)

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