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Snake Bite Whisky

Snake Bite Whisky are a heavy sleaze rock band from Brisbane, Australia but this isn’t your usual eighties inspired sleaze rock. Fusing elements of blues, punk and heavy metal on a sleaze rock foundation, Snake Bite Whisky are something fresh in the “Hair Metal” revival. They have been described as the bastard child of Guns N’ Roses and Motörhead. The band was formed in December 2014 by Jay R, the former lead singer of English sleaze revivalists, JackViper and guitarist, D.A, Bassist, Stacii Blake and drummer, Nick Dysart. In 2015 they released the garage e.p, “Two Steps To Oblivion” which was named in the top twenty Australian hard rock release for 2015 by The Rockpit Australia alongside bands like The Dead Daisies and Airbourne. In 2016 they were selected to play the Annual Cruefest charity concert at the Whisky ago go which marked their debut American performance and they also made their live debut in Mexico.

They recorded their second e.p, “Dirty” in Los Angeles with up and coming producer Jerry Jade. “Dirty” was released late 2016 and has enjoyed extensive airplay across the world with single ” Comes Around” charting on the U.K’s biggest Independent music station, TBFM which is now Hard Rock Hell radio. They also picked up a shortlist nomination as “Best International Act” on the TBFM annual industry awards. Nick left the band in August 2017 and Al “Ace” Bukva has joined as the new drummer. Undoubtedly the most dangerous and intense live band in Australia, Notorious for their blistering live show and partying this is a band for people who like their Rock loud, their sex dirty and their booze flowing.The Snakes are currently writing and recording their debut album, “This Side Of Hell” to be released worldwide by Pavement Entertainment(USA) in early 2018.

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