PAVEMENT / Singularity


Singularity began life around two years ago when Steve Sharfa discovered a few vocals tracks that Shannon had posted on Bandmix. They met, worked on more music and have been recording since. Shannon, who doubles up as a violinist, tells us this marks the culmination of a life dominated by music.

On their unique sound, Shannon explains: “For those who have not listened to our material yet, they need to get on that horse right now! No, but in all seriousness, our stuff is a sweet molotov cocktail mix of in-your-face metal and punk-rock riffs with nuanced gradations of music supporting heavy and intense lyrics. No two songs sound the same and there’s always room for interpretation and exposition in the songs themselves.”

Music is our passion, this is what we do. We will stop at nothing to continue with our love for music and what it brings to our lives.

All music created and performed by:
Shannon Ross – Vocals, Violin
Steve Sharfa – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Audio Engineering, & Producing


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