Sepsiss is a female fronted metal band from Manchester, NH….founded in 2011 by Melissa Wolfe & William Savant. They combine a traditional heavy metal sound with modern rhythms and light synths provided by Mr Goodbarz. The band  graces a wide variety of sonic characteristics from ethnic rhythms , modern dance and a blend of urban hardcore, inherently unique version of modern metal . Melissa sings clean vocals while William adds harsher vocal pieces. Drummer  Chris (Daw) provides  heavy percussion along axmen, William and cam and Johnny Impact delivering down-tuned grueling bass.Design to present metal music to new ears, sepsiss is an award winning act that  specializes in live shows, passionate fans, and hard work ethic.

Melissa “Wolfe” – (Vocals)
William “Savant” – (Guitars/Screams)
Cam “Loud” – (Guitars)
“Mr. Goodbarz” – (Keyboards)
Chris Daw – (Drums)


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