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Old Rogers Revenge

In the middle of a sea change, people got betrayed by their own nation after years of toil. They lost their works, their homes, and their future. But a group of men didn’t bend and chose to take back what was theirs, sailing under the flag of Old Roger’s Revenge.

Old Roger’s Revenge is an Italian sludge metal band that blends stoner, hardcore and doom, sailing through topics against an oppressive system.
The allegorical marine image which flows through the lyrics and the pirate spirit represents the path of life you must choose to achieve your freedom through fighting.

The sound is thick like a sky in a storm, sharp as the wind. A big wave will rise before it going to drown you.
Founded in Trieste – Italy in 2014, by Roberto Puissa, Andrea Marchetti and Christian Leale.

After a few months, they started to play live around Italy and Slovenia, in a lot of festivals with bands like Vintage Caravan, Methedras, Bad Blood, Glitter Wizard, Necrodeath and many others.

In 2015 They released their first self produced Ep “The Sealane” contains the songs “The Sealane”, “Lighthouse of Death” and “The Workaholic”.They’ve continuosly played live shows, changing sometimes members through the years, and wining sometimes awards as the best band of the festival.

Continuing to perform on stages, during 2018 they started to record their first full-length album “Vengeance of Blackbeard” which will be completed in 2019.


Roberto Puissa (JollySixRobert) – Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Andrea Marchetti – Lead Guitars

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