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Long Claw

Arising from the doom of 2016 A.D., a band of champions from Atlanta, GA, have arrived to take a stand. For the worker; for the weak; for the world. On Labor Day, Sept. V, 2016,  four brothers chose the banner of Long Claw and began their journey through a gauntlet of injustice and oligarchy. Here are their stories…


Will Price
Sean Martin
Danny Long
Chris Tate

The brothers of Long Claw have been chronicling their efforts in something they call Disastrophe. It’s a series of tales told through song and anthem. Most of these stories arrive by way of battle hammer, sword, and groove. On occasion they are with soft sad words…or no words at all. Disastrophe is now available on Pavement Entertainment.

On August 8, 2018, the band decided to part ways with Detlef von Kalben (drums) and began working with Chris Tate.

Long Claw brings out the struggles of the small folk…as well as the privilege of the lords.

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