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Layne’s Calling

Layne’s Calling the newest Rock and Alt-Rock sensation, based out of Louisville Kentucky exploded onto the scene in June of 2018.  The band was formed with Louisville’s top tier artist to make a new but familiar sound.

Joey Cox, a former U.S Army airborne infantryman with over 12 years of experience as a guitarist, decided to make the transition to vocalist in 2016 and wrote the song Not Well to help bring attention to many of the issues that veterans suffering from P.T.S.D face every day.  Using his own personal experiences in the lyrics of the song his goal was to help as many as he possibly could with his music.

Alexander Grimm, a Louisville based guitarist as well with over 13 years of experience and having played in multiple bands around the area, decided to join forces with Layne’s Calling in June of 2018 and really helped dial in the sound that we all know and love today.  He really brought an element that is really hard to find in today’s modern music scene, with that and his stage experience, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the band.

Dillon Hensley, with over 20 years of experience on guitar and having played much of the local scene Dillon Joined Layne’s Calling in June of 2018 as well.  His ability to write and bring that certain spark to the sound of Layne’s Calling once again proving himself to be another valuable asset to the team.

Johnny Presley, Joeys first go to selection for the band was brought in not on for the 19 years of experience he had beating the hell out of drums but for his ability to constantly write, and perform above the standards set forth before him…  Based out of New Albany Indiana, Johnny and Dillon had been creating music with each other for over a decade and getting the two back together made more than sense.  Their creativity together helper bring all the sound together to make for some amazing songs together…

Jacob Andrew Wilkerson, another Louisville native who has been playing bass since 1978, decided to join Layne’s Calling in August of 2018.  Andrew an air force veteran not only believed in the music Layne’s Calling was making but also the mission, to help end veteran suicide.  Jacob immediately fit right in with the band and has proven to be a very valuable asset to the band.

All of these artist together came together to form what is now known as Layne’s Calling and with the help of 434 management and Derrick Pichon and Brandon Smith, they were featured in September’s issue of Bad Diesel Magazine and quickly after were also signed to Pavement Entertainment… Layne’s Calling is quickly becoming a force to reckoned with in the rock community!

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