PAVEMENT / Count Pariah

Count Pariah

Knoxville,TN rock act Count Pariah brings haunting melodies and biting guitar riffs backed by a driving rhythm section. Vocalist James Croft’s captivating vocals bring the audience catchy hooks, over-the-top tonality, and lyrics that leave you begging for more. Guitarist Jason Breland sonically pummels with in-your-face riffs, exceptional musicality, and rhythms that are sure to get heads banging and fists in the air. Dustin Barousse locks in with rhythmically driven bass lines, smooth low-end melodies, and the type of punch needed to carry the undertow. Drummer Adam Tilley offers the kind of intensity and hard-hitting madness that delivers an arena rock experience.

Pulling from different musical backgrounds, each member brings a diversity to the group’s sound, adding to the overall experience for the listener. You can hear influences from almost every corner of musical genres in the songs they write/perform. They bring a layered sound of rock to their listeners that is refreshing, but at the same time, pays homage to those that paved the way before them.

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