PAVEMENT / Burn River Burn

Burn River Burn

The name is the sound.  Churning, burning.  Slowly rolling like a sludgy, incendiary river.  Bending and twisting.  Calm but raging.  Soothing and fierce.

It is next level Heavy Rock – crushing riffs, soaring vocals, steam train like grooves, dynamic and distinctive songs.

On the first day, there was Black Sabbath.  On the second, Soundgarden.   Now, there is Burn River Burn.


That crazy Pandora robot says:

Features Hard Rock roots, a subtle use of vocal harmony, mild rhythmic syncopation, varying tempo and time signatures, and minor key tonality.”

Media Says:

One of the best bands in the Bay Area.” – 107.7 The Bone

“I had my face seriously melted off from these guys, BURN RIVER BURN, last night. If you have not heard them, seen them, you NEED TO! –  Timothy Bednarz, C.O.A.R. Radio

“It sounds like a unique cross between Van Halen and Pantera.” – Justin Kreitzer, ReviewYou

Fans Say:

“Brutal riffs, punishing beats, gut-wrenching vox.” – Mike Wells, Los Angeles, CA

 “Whilst I can hear the influence, there is nothing old about this or their sound. Ballsy riffs, well-crafted vocal melodies and catchy yet hard tracks all around.” –  Daniel Mayes, Canvey Island, UK

“I found myself deep in a hypnotic metal semi-trance a few times during their performance.” – Wyman Choy, Bay Area, CA

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