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Blacklist Regulars

“Blacklist Regulars are an in your face rock band with an international twist”

The band is a combined force of a vocalist from Ireland backed by a band from Venezuela. A lack of music opportunities and a corrupt political climate led the members to leave their respective countries. They all came to Chicago looking for like-minded musicians and joined together to pursue their common goal of touring the USA playing authentic rock music.

Screaming guitar lines from Arturo Banus with the tight rhythm section of the brothers Tomas and Alejandro Zabala provide a foundation for Luke Keating’s Alice in Chains inspired vocals. The band provides a modern twist of the hard rock genre with a nod to bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots.

Tackling the difficult realities of life, Blacklist Regulars’ tracks open up to the world of despair, addiction, worldly struggles and resilience, cultivating a sense of attachment through their music, story, and culture.

The Blacklist Regulars are currently working on their upcoming full length album debut and plan to tour the midwest in support of their new content.

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