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Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul is a three piece hard rock band hailing from Los Angeles CA. The band has released 6 full length albums in total, with 2003’s self titled album reaching Gold status in the USA and featuring the smash hit single “Bottom of a bottle”.

Since their formation the band has done more than 30 national tours and endured countless ups and downs, all the while marching to the beat of their own drum while maintaining control of their music, vision, and integrity.

In April of 2016 Smile Empty Soul will be releasing a 6 song EP consisting of 3 brand new tracks, as well as, re-recordings of their 3 biggest singles from their self-titled debut album (“Bottom of a bottle”, “Nowhere Kids”, and “Silhouettes”)

The EP is also accompanied by a DVD that includes a music video, a short documentary style film from the making of the EP, and a behind-the-scenes video covering years of touring, studio sessions, music video shoots, and more.

The Smile Empty Soul fans were the biggest inspiration for making and releasing this special EP/DVD collection.  The self titled debut has been caught up in “Red Tape” and unavailable both digitally and physically for years due to past label disputes. Fans were constantly asking the band why that album isn’t available, and the band wants to give those fans what they’ve been asking for, but also provide some new material and classic DVD footage.

The new EP/DVD entitled “Shapeshifter” will hit shelves on April 1, 2016, and the band will be hitting the road in support in late March 2016.

Check out the unique package of new and old material from a band that is here for the people and kept alive by the people!


    •    Sean Danielsen – Vocals, Guitar

    •    Ryan Martin – Bass

    •    Jake Kilmer – Drums


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