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Media Solution

MEDIA SOLUTION is the product of five musical journey man’s relentless pursuit to craft something more than a song. Fusing an incendiary combination of explosive beats, aggressive metal, and primal energy, they have collectively managed to break through the glass ceiling of creative limitation.

Media Solution, from beautiful Italy, became one of the more active bands in the country. Sharing the stage with bands like Motorhead, Obituary, Agnostic Front, it wasn’t until 2007 when they opened for Sepultura, which helped them gain momentum in Italy and Europe.

Already an international success, the band made the bold venture to tackle Los Angeles and continue musical dominance with industry showcases and touring. Upon landing in the US, they recorded their first album titled “Horizon Of Events” (2010) produced by Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly) with guests Derrick Green and Jean Dolabella of Sepultura. Shortly after, they released their first music video for the single “My Soul Still Burns”, directed by Nathan Cox (Linkin Park, Korn).

Inspired to reconnect with the determination and appetite that once encompassed the band, Andy solidified a roster of innovative musicians who also shared the same hunger. Robb Sackett [vocals], Benny Cancino Jr. [drums], Jay Dot Ca [bass] and Doug Weiand [guitar] had all worked in various projects, resulting in the inevitable collaboration that is now a creative force firing on all the same cylinders.

Media Solution has recently finished recording an EP of their latest musical creations with producer/engineer, Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Static-X) and Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly), creating anthems of dark celebration that explore the more lascivious corners of humanity. Ready to release it to the fans & music community and follow through with their artistic assault on those who continue to hide the truth. Bland, mind-numbing corporate media is the problem. We are the solution.

Robb Sackett : Voice

Andy Martis : Guitar & back. vocals

Jay Dot Ca : Bass

Benny Cancino jr : Drum

Doug Weiand : Guitar




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